Thank you ALL!

After consideration and time, our author and I have agreed, that the website that has been online for the better part of 10 years is due to be taken down. I will be shutting down the website at the end of this year. So if you still wish the stories for your archives. Please be sure to get them during this time.

What we can say is, THANK YOU for all the readers, awesome comments, and each of your support. We certainly do love each of you.

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  1. Hello, i am sorry to read that you have decided to take this website down. But much more that i am sorry for that i have to thank both of you for writing the storys and giving us as a fanbase the possibility to download them for such a long time on a dedicated website. This is the best fanfiction i ever read in the BSG-franchise. This has just the quality of a real show script. It´s action loaded, has a lot of well written characters who are worthy of this series. And the Prometheus-class is just a perfect fit for the BSG-style, just because it as well thought threw as the Galactica or the Pegasus are. And i really like the idea of an alternative, (and Cylon save) CNP. I will definitely save a LOT of save copys for myself because it like to read this story at least once a year since i found out about it about five years ago.

    But i have two questions: First: wouldn´t it be an option to upload the storys on sites like too. Just to preserve them without having the need to invest further money and time in an own website? Second: I am from germany and i have wondered a while ago if it would be possible to get a permission to translate this beautiful story into german and publish it on a german fanfiction website?

    I really like to thank you both, mister Keeton and the administrator of this website.

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